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Love Me Love Me Not

Love Me Love Me Not

What is Love really

It is an unknown

Our very first possibility of love

Is Familial

We are born into a family

It is our first chance in life to experience love

Unconditional Love

But It is not always so

Some times Blood is not thicker than water

It is so diluted

Love cannot exist

Or different people have different ways of expressing love

Some call it tough Love

But there is a very thin line between tough love

And just being cruel and mean

Love me Mom Love Me Not

Love is ambiguous and comes in many different forms

Friends love one another in a different way than family

Trusted companions

Who tell each other the world

Share like leisure activities

And cherish one another’s time

Can be brutally honest

But be careful so you don’t get backstabbed

For Love requires us to be vulnerable

To reveal our deepest truths of one’s self

This vulnerably can lend itself to hurt feeling and betrayal

Some pretend to be friends just to expose vulnerabilities

Because of Jealously and other negative emotions

Love Me Bestie or Love Me Not

The Next Love

The Love of a mate

A Soulmate

Is so strong and passionate on day 1

That sometimes we find ourselves chasing that magical feeling

Words can’t truly comprehend

It is one of the strongest forms we can feel

There is no one way to love

Or way people decide to show it

This love’s so strong

Sometimes it scares us

We run away

And try to sabotage ourselves

It’s really quite scary

You question whether or not this truly is the right one

The one you spend the rest of your life with to either end

A  love so great it starts back at square one

When the two of you embrace one another

And give yourselves to one another

To the birth of your first child

Back to stage one

Familial Love

Love Me Love or Love Me Not

Love is ambiguous

And takes on many different forms

It makes it hard to define

This beautiful unknown

For everyone experiences it differently

But this is me and who I am

Love me Now or Love Me Not