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Creative minded individual with a giving heart. I love to read, write, sing, dance, eat, cook, and have a good time.


The world is big
But also small
It’s funny how all the pieces fall
Sometimes they fall fast
And at other times slow
No way to determine or to know
Life just sorta happens
Not necessarily according to plan
Messages can get lost in the sand
In no man’s land
It can be mysterious
With no rhyme or rhythm
It can be happy
It can be sad
But no matter what you should be glad
For a life’s not made easily 
Or meant to be
We all have challenges you see
No one knows what death is like
So even if life sucks
Think about those around you
And stick around you must


Amidst in the dark
The fox spies on its prey
Waiting to leap
To eat and to play
Sneaky fox
Squeaky mouse
Come out come out
You must be found
Silly fox no need to pout
For another prey will sprout on out
Into the dark
And into your mouth
Satisfaction is no doubt


Looking glass

Life can be blurry

Just like one’s vision

Hard to see clear lines

Of division

Confusing and Puzzling at times

Mistakes are inevitable

Especially when people don’t talk and act like mimes

Looking threw the looking glass

Makes things appear more clear

Makes decisions easier to envision

Takes out some of the fear

So look more carefully

And some problems will seem to solve themselves

Life’s not perfect

But making things easier isn’t so far fetched

After all we all strive for our best

Simply Irresistible

Simply Irresistible

Caressing your body

Grappling your back

Yelling Yes, Yes, Yes

I can’t get enough of you

You’re my favorite thing to enjoy

You taste great

I don’t want to taste any other taste

Touching you in no no places

Licking you in places no one else should know

Loving you is full of passion

As our bodies intertwine

Feeling so divine

I feel your hand grasping my spine

Oh god I’m glad your mine

And you are just simply put irresistible to me

I only desire you and only you don’t you see





Lonely days

And lonely nights

Spent all alone with no young knight

I am afraid

That I just might

Be alone forever and be just me

I want so badly for someone to see

That I am lovable the perfect fit

The perfect key

Alone seems so quiet

Alone is barely there

Alone is kinda lonely

Alone makes me feel scared

What if I die all alone

What if my heart never finds a home

Lonely might last forever

A lonely young woman straddling the streets

A Woman scorned

Where’s your heart at

It’s not in

In love with me

Although a tale you spin

Wish it was but it is not

Not happily ever after

No fairy tale end




Within a range

Losing my mind

A brain deranged

Why can’t this just be it

No more looking for love in a relationship where it doesn’t fit

I don’t want your diluted love

I want the full version concentrate

Forget the water I like it strong

A second place wife I am not

In case this is the fact you forgot

I am the main entrée

With no need for a side

I’m quite fulfilling

It is all or nothing

Or our relationship can subside

No more need to pretend

Let’s not fake it

Goodbye my dear for your love was not true

Forever and Always

The girl with a heart that cannot mend