Ruffled feathers

Sorry I make you feel so uncomfortable

My utter presence is so disturbing to you

Not only can you tell by your face

But by your body’s tension

But I am not really sorry

That I get your panties all in a bunch

I could be wrong but I have a hunch

That I drive you insane

Is it because I am what you want to be

You think I’m lesser a being than you

Whatever it is I could care less

The fact that I make you that upset

Is kinda funny

And I sorta enjoy it

Let me keep coming in the room

I’ll be your distraction

Because with me around you are rendered helpless

So uncomfortable you must leave

And your bitchy comments won’t be ignored

Because those nasty comments

Your gonna have to eat someday

And when that day comes I yell HOORAY


I will get the last laugh

B**** make sure you don’t choke


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