Queen of Nothing

You think you are so great don’t you

Better than me

Better than them

You think your are a queen

But let me tell you something you are not

A queen has grace

You have none

A queen is a good leader

You don’t lead

If you were so great you wouldn’t have to tell everyone

Because they would simply see

You are the Queen of nothing

You could be great perhaps if you were more humble

If you would stop holding your head up so high

And looking down on others

You are Queen of yourself

But if you were a queen you’d be overthrown

By all the people you look down on

You wouldn’t be around long

So enjoy it while you can

You are good but not great

And compared to the best you are mediocre

Queen of nothing

Assume your throne

Fake your greatness

Of the unknown

Acting snotty

Big ole’ Ego

Inflated self worth

Prepare yourself because I am coming for you

That thrown you’ve built of stones

Is about to come down

Good day to the wanna be who will never be

Anything other than an afterthought

Once I get crowned




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