R.I.P. Love


R.I.P. Love

Our love is like a carnival

It goes up and down

Round and round

Fast and slow

The reason we are still together no one knows

Not even you

Not even me

We hate one another can’t you see

We never were meant to be

I’m maudlin

About our love that we once had

Don’t know where we went wrong

Or stopped loving one another

When the ride became miserable

We had our good times but definitely the bad outweighed those few good times

A few too little

Our love has whittled entirely away

Only remnants of a good time

And residue love left behind

Just like a carnival so many people came to see

People hoped that we’d do well

People hoped that we would fail

You invited others to come inside our tent

I tried to turn a blind eye to it

The others who kept your company

I wasn’t your only

Not sure I ever have been

It is my fault some of the things because I allowed it accepted it or ignored

I am hurt because I allowed you too

You lie you cheat

You only care about you

Your heart does not beat for me

It’s so hard to admit defeat

This Carnival is done

Actually it’s been for quite a while

Operating at a loss

Never being able to afford the cost

Out of business reads the sign

I’m happy I’m also reminiscing

Wishing that I could have saved it

But in the end it takes two

Not just one

We’re done

This carnival can no longer run


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