This is a poem I wrote years ago:

My Love


Come back to me my love

You’ve drifted so far away

How long shall I sit and wait

Sleepless Nights

And thought

And thoughts of you lost forever

How I long to have you back

Back in my arms

Back in my heart

That place you filled

I fear is forever lost

It will be empty

A sorrow heart

Missing a piece

That ran away

I try my hardest to make you stay

But ultimately it’s your decision

I try to understand why there’s this division

Between you and I

Why must our love die

That place I once filled in your heart

That place I felt that I belonged

That place I felt was mine and only mine

Has been taken from me

I’ve been uprooted

And replaced

By another my fallen grace

It makes me sad

But you don’t realize

And I can’t make you

Open up your eyes

That passion that once engorged them

No longer exists

My love withdrawals

Are causing me

To have a classic case of the fits

Although you hurt me

I continue to stay

Playing this tug of war as my emotions sway

Deep down in my heart

I know the truth

It hurts

But that’s real

I know truly how you feel

So this is goodbye

Because I cannot wait

The pain

The pain

Will go away

I just have to let go

And stay astray

They say it’s better to have loved and lost

Then never to have loved at all

I feel neither’s better

Since both ultimately are love’s lost cause


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