Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass

Broken in pieces

Never to be the same again

Shattered glass

Fragments of a whole

Scattered on the ground

Every piece may never be found

Trying so desperately to be put back together again

The same as before

But like Humpty Dumpty you had a great fall

And all of those pieces can’t be put back together again

The same as before

You are defective

Not normal

Not the same

A broken human

Living life in vain

Shattered glass is broken

Shattered glass should be spoken

Shattered glass can be rebuilt

Shatter glass is not just filth

Shattered but reconstructed

You’re not the same

But don’t let it phase you

You are still in the game

Being broken doesn’t mean you are weak

Being broken may help you rise to your peak

Being broken is being human

Being broken is becoming a new man

Don’t let others antagonize or make you feel lesser

Don’t listen to their sly remarks

Just know that they’re not happy

And broken just like you

But what you have is what they wish they could

Raise your head up stand up tall

Announce it loud to them all

I am shattered but no longer broken

I am shattered but will not let my past go unspoken

This is my past and you can go ahead and judge

I am no longer afraid of what others think

I am oh so proud just to be me




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