Help me

Help me

I need an escape

Trapped in this cardboard box

Taped up with duck tape

I wish I had some device to cut myself out

So I can run around and dance about

I scream and shout

But being inside the box

They come out so faint

I wish I could yell louder but I can’t

I won’t go unheard

No one can hear

I’m sorry but I believe that is absurd

Someone must’ve passed by awfully close

For I hear their voices and surely they are not ghost

The part I seem to hate the most

I dare not write or post about

For I don’t want to be said to have a loose mouth

This big ole burden I tout

Around this box I cannot get out


Oh Lordy

Please allow me to escape

Barely unscathed

I do have faith

Faith in you

Faith in me

We will get through this together

For this tragedy will not be my end

But a new beginning

Meechie Ivana they’ll all be chanting





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