Merely Existing

Sometimes I feel like I am not alive

Like I do not exist

I am having an out of body experience

Like I am watching myself

Its like a bad movie that doesn’t end

You are afraid for the person but you know you can’t change a thing

You just have to watch the horror

Or close your eyes

Leave out

And avoid seeing your demise

You are alive

You are living

It just doesn’t seem like it

For if you died

You truly be dead

And the horror movie just would end





And Ends

Figure out

Where you fit in

In life some things you can change

And others you cannot

You just have to find a way to cope

Never fear there still is hope

Out there beyond your scope of sight

You just might have an escape route

To take you out of this life



Are tragic endings

Decide to keep yourself

And find a new beginning


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