Morning Sunshine

Morning Sunshine

You shine so bright

Like a Star light

On a starry night

You light my day up with your smile

Hopin’ I can see you in a little while

Morning Sunshine

You are my heart

For my heart beats fondly for you when we are apart

And even faster when we’re together

My love for you will never wither

Forever our hearts will tether

And stick together

You and me together forever

I did not know I could love you anymore

Than before

But with the birth of our first child

It grew and grew

My love for you is so so true

I couldn’t imagine us not together

We’ve had our ups

We’ve had our downs

But in the end we stuck around

I love you so much

And I know you love me too

There is no such device that can measure

Our love for each other

Morning Sunshine

Smother me in your love

It never could be too much

Morning Sunshine

Now Goodnight

As we fall to sleep holding each other so tight




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