Nursery Rhymes Rewritten 3

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the King horses and all the King men

Pushed Humpty to the curb

And decided not to put him back together again

Julius Caesar was an honorable man

A noble man was he

Not easily flattered

And ruled with an Iron Thumb

Said to be the illegitimate father of a son           

Et Tu Brutus was he

Death fell upon him and everyone scattered

And in a matter of second the word had spread

The death of such a great leader was very sad

The itsy bitsy spider

Went up the water spout

The rain came down

And she did frown

Then began to scream and shout

Someone help me I’m gonna drown

No one paid much attention to her shrieking sound

Baa baa Black sheep

Have you any wool

Yes sir, yes sir

Three bags full

The man began to laugh to himself

And the little boy asked why

Check your bags young fool

For they are no longer full of wool

He checked them and it was like he said

No wool

The little boy asked what happened

How did you know that

Because I pick-pocketed you and put your wool under my hat

Silly boy what do you think about that

Just as the boy began to answer

He disappeared never to be seen again

The End




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