I love it

I like it

I hate it

Are the only options

Figure out where you fit in

To avoid any further problems

Some people are fake they can’t stand you

But pretend

Like you are best friends

Then betray you in the end



I’ll push you down to get ahead

Where will the deceit end

Are you my friend or not a friend

Let me know if this relationship is worth it to mend

I guess you should question people

To find out there true self and their intentions

Or better yet observe how they treat others

Because this can give you a good vision

Into the type of person they are

Are they fake with others

If so then you should run

People like this thrive on hurting others

It is truly a sad way to live your life

Where making others miserable

Is your only gratitude or contention

In life

Well that’s just you

It could never be me

I can’t pretend to be your friend

Or even friendly

I don’t want your bad vibes

I don’t want to act fake

So let’s not pretend

I won’t talk to you unless I have to

I won’t talk bad about you

And I expect the same from you

But who am I kidding

Being realistic

I know this is not true

You’ll bad mouth me

But I’ll ignore your existence

You are nothing to me

So let’s just keep our distance

Because a clash would be your end

You are not anyone’s friend



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