Analysis Paralysis

Do you have Analysis Paralysis?

Analysis Paralysis- One’s inability to come to a decision because they are stuck analyzing probable and improbable solutions or outcomes to a problem.


How to overcome this:

 First sit down and thinking of the three most important factors or features. These should be your must haves things you can’t live without. No more than five factors or features are recommended.

Second think of factors or features you want to have, they are not mandatory, but are things you would like to have.

 Start reanalyzing previously reviewed options and compare the negatives and positives of each possible outcome. I like to use charts to compare but you can use a Venn Diagram or other thought organizing system.

 Go with the best possible option or the one you feel most attracted too.

 Congratulations you have successfully overcame your Analysis Paralysis.


P.S. Leave Comments or share ideas you have for overcoming Analysis Paralysis.


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