A few helpful home tips


1. Use air freshener to clean windows and mirrors as it leaves behind a fresh welcoming smell.

2. Cats hate citrus so to keep your cat off the couch use a lemon scented soap bar or other citrus fruit and rub allover the couch.

3. After cooking fish boil a pot of vinegar to absorb the smell and keep your home smelling fresh.

4. If you have a headache cut a lime in half and rub it on your forehead it will relieve the pain.

5. To make a small room look bigger use a few large furnishings as opposed to small as small furnishings make the room look smaller.

6. Use a dark color paint in a small room to make the space look bigger.

7.Leave the ceiling white or a light color as it opens the room up more as it contrasts to the color on the wall.

8. When selling your home before making renovations do research look at current trends in home décor as this appeals more to current buyers.

9. Set a renovations budget and stick with it otherwise you maybe spending too much.

10. To save on décor and renovations use a resale shop to purchase items at a rate lower than current market value.

10. Use a real estate agent or other professional to find out what renovations and changes will give the most impact for your buck. ( A home stager is another good professional to consult.)


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